Exterior lighting is all about the safety and enhancement of your facility when it's dark outside. Whether it's re-active or pro-active service, we at FLM are the lighting experts that have been maintaining lighting systems for over 40 years. 


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Ultrasonic Steel Pole Testing

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Straightening of Leaning Concrete Bases

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Just wanted to tell you about your employee who did a great job going up and down the ladder 444 times to get all the new parabolic lenses installed. He started at 7am and finished at 5pm. Very personable, courteous to our patrons, smiled a lot…..I am very pleased. Thanks for a job well done from start to finish. If you have a potential clients who are trying to make a decision on which lighting company to go with, give them my name. If I can't seal the deal for Fitzgerald, it was never intended to be.